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  1. A medical check-up and approval is recommended for all patrons prior to participation. Patrons exercise at their own risk.
  2. Please ask staff for assistance in using equipment with which you are not familiar.
  3. Patrons must use the emergency off clip while on treadmills.
  4. Spotters are recommended and available at the S & C Desk.
  5. Weight clips are mandatory at all times.
  6. Belt use is recommended when attempting heavy lifts.
  7. Immediately report any S&C room related injury or facility/equipment irregularity to the staff on duty.


  1. Patrons are responsible for following all S & C policies, staff directives, etiquette practices, and demonstrating courtesy towards others in the room at all times.
  2. The S&C Manager shall monitor overall room conduct and use of equipment (including sound system).  The S & C staff has the authority to enforce all policies.
  3. Patrons will be asked to abide by the rules or leave the facility.  Misconduct or damage of equipment may result in the suspension of recreational privileges.
  4. Only current members of the Ramsey Center and registered guests are allowed in the S&C facilities. Patrons must be at least 18 years old or current UGA students.
  5. In order to help provide a safe and enjoyable environment, S&C I and II are limited to 120 patrons at a time.
  6. Backpacks, book bags, fanny packs, purses, jackets or gym bags are prohibited on the weight room floors.  Patrons are responsible for ALL valuables and personal items.  The Department of Recreational Sports is not responsible for lost or stolen property.  Participants are encouraged to use the facility's day lockers. 
  7. Food, drinks and/or water bottles not containing water, chewing gum and tobacco are not allowed in the S&C rooms.
  8. Stereos are not allowed in the S&C rooms.  Personal stereos used with headphones are permitted.
  9. Proper training attire is required. No street clothes, jeans, or jean shorts allowed. Shirts and closed-toed shoes must be worn at all times.  Non marking athletic shoes only. Sports bras should have a comfort fit, be opaque in color, and cover through to the mid-drift.  Apparel changes should be restricted to locker room facilities.
  10. All patrons must bring a clean towel (min. 24" x 12") and wipe off benches and pads after use.
  11. Time is limited to 30 minutes on all cardiovascular equipment when someone is waiting.  Elliptical Sign-Up is located at the front desk of S&C I and in the back of the room in S&C II.  Patrons must use the emergency off clip while on treadmills.
  12. No equipment shall leave the weight room at any time.
  13. All bars, weights and dumbbells must be returned to the proper plate holders or rack after use.
  14. Slamming or dropping weight stacks or free weights is prohibited.
  15. Weight training equipment may be brought in only by Recreational Sports Staff.
  16. Personal Training in the Ramsey Center and in other recreational facilities can only occur through trainers certified by the department of recreational sports and academic classes regularly scheduled in the facility. Any other personal training, whether for pay or not, is strictly prohibited due to safety concerns and to ensure that no state facilities are used to advance a private enterprise.