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UGA Challenge Course Facilitator Requirements

The UGA Challenge Course Staff conducts an annual training program for anyone interested in becoming a Challenge Course instructor here, or anywhere. Contact Susan Powell at 706-542-9077 for course information.



The following basic and advanced level requirements are provided as a guideline for Staff Training:

Basic (Solo*) Facilitator Requirements

Requires a minimum of 29 hours training in Challenge Course facilitation. Outside training must be approved by the Outdoor Recreation Coordinator.


  • Successful completion of CPRO and Standard First Aid training.
  • Ability to quickly and confidently tie all necessary knots.
  • Capability to set up and take down each and every low and high course element.
  • Ability to safely belay participants.
  • Successfully demonstrate a high course rescue.
  • Ability to understand and present each field game, initiative, and element, including all safety issues and features.
  • Ability to understand and use group dynamic facilitation skills as they apply to a Challenge Course.
  • Ability to prepare (front‑loading) and follow‑up (debriefing) for the group.
  • Knowledge of the use of the experiential learning cycle.


  • Working knowledge of all equipment, policies and protocols of a Challenge Course program

* A solo facilitator is one who, with the agreement of both the facilitator and the outdoor recreation coordinator, is able to conduct a low and high course program without direct supervision by another more qualified solo facilitator or lead facilitator.

Lead Facilitator Requirements


  • Obtain Basic (Solo) Facilitator status.
  • Minimum 40 hours working as a full solo facilitator.
  • Receive Outdoor Recreation Coordinator's approval by successful completion of a written evaluation, demonstration of skills, and face‑to‑face interview.
  • Ability to conduct a pre‑course orientation with participants.
  • Ability to appropriately review and interpret medical forms.
  • Superior working knowledge of all safety gear used on a Ropes Course.


  • Ability to develop a schedule that will address the group's issues and goals.

Maintaining Lead Facilitator Status


  • Work with at least two different facilitators per semester.


  • Facilitate a minimum of one group per month (This guideline may be influenced by the experience level of the facilitator).

Regaining Lead Facilitator Status

To regain lead facilitator status, a person must work with a current lead facilitator for a minimum of three days and receive his/her approval. In addition, s/he must have a face‑to‑face interview with Outdoor Recreation Coordinator.


Revised 12/2013