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The Club Sports Complex

In March 2009, The University of Georgia's Department of Recreational Sports opened the Club Sports Complex. This lighted 180,000 sq. ft. complex allows for three practice fields and/or two competition fields, and is scheduled for the dedicated use of the departments club sport program.

Unique aesthetic or architectural design features

The complex is situated behind a tree line and below a hill, which allows for privacy and less night light exposure to the surrounding area. In addition, during construction of the field, no trees were cut down or removed. The field is situated perfectly surrounded by 3 sides of trees. The storage area/rest room area is equipped with all green products. The storage area is proximate to fields one and two, allowing staff to view all of the fields from a single location as well as being able to view the parking lot. The space is very open and affords the opportunity for participants and staff to have a panoramic view as they enter the complex area.

Sustainable/Green Features

During the time of the construction of the Club Sports Complex, the state of Georgia was in a major drought, and the main objective of the architect team was to ensure this area as water sustainable as possible.

Here is a list of features:

  1. The landscape design for the complex incorporates restorative storm water methods to improve water quality. Rainwater from the parking lot and surrounding hillside infiltrates into porous pavement, or is directed to a series of swales and rain gardens designed to slow down and cleanse the water before emptying into a large bioretention zone.
  2. The complex features a first on UGA campus: composting toilets. The toilets operate similar to standard fixtures, and provide a familiar and odor free facility. These composting toilets utilize a foam flush that uses only 3 ounces of water per flush as opposed to 1.6 gallons. The only difference is how the waste is treated. Instead of piping waste to a central sewer plant to be treated chemically and then dumped back into the Oconee River, composting toilets use natural processes, such as earthworms, to break down waste into safe, reusable compost. The end product can be mixed into UGA's compost operation as an organic soil amendment.
  3. The complex features the first on campus use of solar-operated LED lighting for the parking lot light poles.
  4. Lighting at the new complex is also Dark Sky Compliant. Lights are shaded and directed so that no light escapes upward beyond the horizon and light trespass is greatly minimized. Compact florescent, energy efficient light bulbs are also used exclusively on site.
  5. The Big Belly Solar compaction system uses solar energy to compact trash on site. This system allows for trash to be automatically compacted which provides for fewer trips for the trash collection.

The Club Sports Complex
2435 South Milledge Avenue
Athens, GA 30605

Directions from the Ramsey Student Center :

  1. Turn right onto College Station Road.
  2. Turn left onto East Campus Road.
  3. Turn left onto South Milledge Avenue.
  4. After about 1.5 miles, turn left into The Club Sports Complex.