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All players must present their UGA ID Card at every Intramural Sports Game.

The philosophy of the intramural sports program at The University of Georgia is to make participation in sports a meaningful part of a total education and to help produce a mentally integrated and socially adjusted individual by all-around participation in competitive and recreational activities.

The aim of the Department of Recreational Sports is to make participation in the intramural sports program safe, attractive, and desirable to a large number of students, faculty, staff, and spouses/domestic partners. The sports activities and recreational facilities are so varied that there is an opportunity for every individual to participate regardless of level of ability.

Intramural Sports Calendar

Events & Cancellations

UGA will be hosting the NIRSA Regional Basketball Championships Feb. 27 - Mar. 1st at The Ramsey Student Center. For more information click here.



Monday, March 2nd...

All Softball, Ultimate Frisbee, Team Golf & Team Tennis games have been cancelled for today due to accumulated water on the fields, and their poor  conditions.  Games will be rescheduled if field space and time permit at the end of the regular season.

Intramural Sports Registrations will be taken at the Ramsey Center Cashier's Window or online at

Important Information

How to find the postseason brackets
• Go to
• Select Intramural Sports
• Log in using your UGA MyID (not your 81#).
• Select your “Active Team” that you are looking for
• Scroll down a little bit and you should see a blue
banner that says “Click here to view Tournament
• Click the blue banner to view bracket
How to find your teams game schedule
• Go to
• Select Intramural Sports
• Log in using your UGA MyID (not your 81#).
• Upcoming games should appear on the first page
• Click on your team name for more details
For All Regular Season Intramural Sports games, the team listed first on the schedule will be the AWAY team and will wear DARK. The team listed second will be HOME and wear LIGHT.

For the postseason (when viewing the actual bracket), the team listed on the top of the bracket will be the HOME/LIGHT, the bottom team will be the AWAY/DARK. If you view the schedule online, it will display the same as the regular season.

We strongly encourage teams to bring both colors to all games to ensure that your team will be able to play!