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Can I play on two teams in the same sport?
Yes, if one of the teams is co-rec! Men cannot play on two men's teams and women cannot play on two women's teams, and no one is permitted to play on two co-rec teams.
I would like to play a sport but do not have a team. How can I get on one?
Add your name to the Free Agent's List on this website. Then try and make a team for the sport you are wanting to play by calling other free agents and making your own team. If neither of these works for you come to the captains meeting for the particular sport you are wanting to participate in and try to find a team to play with at the meeting.
What time are rainouts usually posted?
Rainout information is posted on the Intramural Sports Home Page by 3:00pm on the day in question, or you may call the Intramural Sports Hotline at 706-542-8648.
Where can I pick up entry forms for Intramural Sports?
Please come to the "Rec Fest" on Tuesday August 17th, from 4:00 - 7:00pm, outside of the main entrance to the Ramsey Student Center. Student and Professional Staff will be on hand to answer all program questions. Refreshments and Door Prizes will be given out!