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Class Information

Summer Learn to Swim Lessons 

The Learn to Swim Program is designed to teach children to swim in a fun, safe environment. Enrollment for classes is limited in order to maintain quality instruction and the most favorable teaching environment. Your child will be taught swimming and water safety skills by our experienced instructors so that you and your child will be at ease in and around the pool.  

Guidelines & Program Policies

Age: Must be at least 3 years of age to participate in Learn to Swim Lessons and be at least 6months-3 years of age to participant in Swim With Me Lessons. Any children who still wear diapers are required to wear swim diapers or plastic pants.

Swim Orientation: Takes place Friday prior to the first day of class. We will evaluate your child's skill level to ensure he or she is placed in the correct class. *Session 3 orientation takes place Thursday to accommodate the holiday weekend.

Observing Your Child: As an observer we ask that you sit in the stands, not on the pool deck or bleachers in the rec pool during the lesson. This allows for our instructor to build trust with your child. 

Make-up Classes: We do not offer make-up classes on an individual basis. Based on the differing progression of skills for each child, we will not be able to add your child to another class to make-up.  Please consider this when signing up for sessions. If the facility is closed during a session, we will reserve Friday for a make-up day.

Cancellation Policy: Full refunds are issued if the Department of Recreational Sports cancels a class, activity or program. All other refunds are charged a $15.00 processing fee. 

Refunds are only granted for documented medical conditions. If a medical condition arises that precludes completion of the remaining sessions, refunds are pro-rated based on the number of unused sessions minus a $15 processing fee.


Swim With Me: 6 months – 3 years old

Must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (prepared to enter the water each day) during the entire duration of the lesson.

Familiarizes young children with water to prepare them for swimming in the future while teaching parents techniques that help orient their child to the water and how to supervise water activities in a responsible manner.

Skills: Demonstrate support and head holding techniques, submerging, entering and exiting water safely, and exploring buoyancy and forward movement in the water.


Learn to Swim: 3 years old and older

Level 1

Skills: Be oriented with the water without the security of a parent or guardian, jump in water from side of pool, submerge face underwater, flutter kick on front with equipment, and demonstrate simultaneous arm action on their front and back.

Level 2

Skills: Retrieve object from underwater, submerge head for at least 5 seconds, front and back glide for at least 2 body lengths, roll from front to back float, flutter kick on front and back adding arm action, and jump in water and swim independently for at least 5 body lengths.

Level 3

Skills: Demonstrate basic freestyle and backstroke for at least 15 yards, rotary breathing basics, submerge head for at least 10 seconds, and tread water for at least 30 seconds.

 Level 4

Skills: Perform freestyle and backstroke with open turn, breaststroke arms and legs, dolphin kick, and treading water using two different kicks.

Level 5

SkillsPerform freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke for at least 50 yards, butterfly kick and arms, treading water for 5 minutes, open turns, flip turns, and dives submerging him/herself completely.


Cost & Schedule 

$60 members/$75 nonmembers for 8, 45 minute lessons

All sessions are 2 weeks long, Monday-Thursday. Swim Orientation takes place Friday prior to the first day of class.

Session 1: June 1-June 11

Swim Orientation 5/29, 5-7PM

Session 2: June 15-June 25 

Swim Orientation 6/12, 5-7PM

Session 3: July 6-July 16 

*Swim Orientation 6/2, 5-7PM

Session 4: July 20-July 30

Swim Orientation 6/17, 5-7PM

 * Session 3 swim orientation occurs Thursday due to closure for the holiday weekend

Times Offered:

9:00AM-9:45AM (Swim With Me Only)


4:00PM-4:45PM (Swim With Me & Learn to Swim)


How to register:

  • Go to shop.recsports.uga.edu
  • Sign in with your UGA MyID and password
  • Navigate to Member Profile (click on user name in upper right hand corner)
  • Select Add Dependent

This will allow you the ability to select which member of the family you wish to enroll.


We may offer all levels during each time slot as long as we meet the minimum number of children to conduct a class.

Registration closes 5 days prior to each session. 


Private & Semi-Private Swim Lessons

Private swim lessons are available to individual swimmers of all abilities and ages.  Semi-private swim lessons are available for groups of two swimmers of similar abilities. Lessons are a half hour of one-on-one in-water instruction. 


Registration & Scheduling  

     Registration Re-Opens Monday May 11 

Registration is available only at the casheir's window at the Ramsey Student Center Monday - Friday 9am-6pm. Ramsey Center memberhsip is required for participantion. Once you have registered. please allow 5-7 business days for an instructor to contact you. Lessons will be scheduled around pool availability during recreational swimming hours. During the academic year, children under the age of 18 may only schedule lessons between Friday 5pm through Sunday evening due to Recreational Sports Access Policy. 


Number of Lessons UGA Student Faculty/Staff/Alumni
1 "Trial Lesson" $25 $35
5 Lessons $90 $105
10 Lessons $150 $210
15 Lessons $180 $270
5 Lessons for Two Swimmers $75 per person $90 per person  

Monday, July 6, 2015 is the last day to register for more than 5 lessons.

 Monday, July 20, 2015 is the last day to register for any lessons

Lessons do not carry over between semesters, all lessons must be completed by August 3, 2015

Cancellation Policy: Refunds are only granted for documented medical conditions. If a medical condition arises that precludes completion of the remaining sessions, refunds are pro-rated based on the number of unused sessions minus a $15 processing fee.  



For questions about the Learn to Swim Program, contact Michelle December, Specialist for Aquatics, at mdecembe@uga.edu 




Please see Forms/Flyers (at left) for a printable version of the Class Schedule.
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