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Group Fitness Classes: The Group Fitness program has something for everyone! All Access offerings include BODYPUMPTM, Yoga, Cycling, Dance Step, Kickboxing, Deep Water Fitness, and many more energy packed classes. View the All Access Schedule at the link on the left. 

Instructional Classes: Instructional Class offerings are programs that teach various skills that progress each week. Classes include boxing, hip hop, ballet, belly dancing, and contemporary dance.

*Must be a current Ramsey Center member (age 18 and older) and Fitness Pass holder to participate



New this Fall:

TRX® Rip™

TRX® Yoga

TRX® Express

Learn more about the TRX Trainer

Learn more about the Ripped Trainer


Hey Fitness Pass Holders: Watch Me!





Looking for a new way to stay fit?

with Campus Outreach!

Upon your request, we will send a Nationally Certified Group Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer to your campus organization, fraternity, or sorority.  Check the web for more details!